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Certification Fee Schedule

Examination Fee

Fee for the National Certification Examination


Re-Examination Fee

Fee to retake the National Certification Examination


Additional Verification Letter

One verification letter is complimentary upon certification, however additional verification letters can be ordered


 Bounced Check Fee  Fee for returned or bounced checks  $50.00

Return and Refund Policy

Payments made for the following products and services are non-refundable:

  • Completed examination
  • Processing fee of $121.00 for examination rescheduled without at least 4 business days notice
  • CMP annual maintenance fees owed
  • Prepayment of CMP cycle fee
  • Re-score verification
  • Duplicate certificate
  • Duplicate module
  • CMP article set
  • Primary source verification of certification

If you have any questions about AMCB Certification, please contact:

Kaitlin Gresh
Certification Coordinator
Phone: 410-694-9424 ext. 7016


Denise Smith
Discipline Director
Phone: 410-694-9424 ext. 7014