CMP Fee Schedule

Annual Maintenance Fee

Yearly fee for the Certificate Maintenance Program.


Annual Maintenance Late Fee

If the Annual Maintenance Fee is received at AMCB Headquarters after the May 31st deadline.


Prepay Option

If you pay the entire 5-year fee the first year of your cycle, includes 10% discount of 27.50.


Verification Letter

Primary source letter for credentialing purposes.


Replacement Certificate

New certificates and certification cards are sent at the start of a new 5-year cycle when recertified. If a replacement is needed after that time then cost applies.


CMP Article Sets

Article Sets contain the required reading to complete the CMP Modules. If you have access to the articles by other means, there is no need to order this packet.

Please note: If you place an order for an article set and do not receive your order, please notify our office immediately. To be resent an article set, notification of non-receipt must be received within 30 days of the order’s original processing/mailing date.


Duplicate Modules

One module per each of the three areas of practice is available at no charge. A module includes: test booklet, answer sheet, and return envelope. If mailed from our office. You can also download the test booklet from our website for free.


Duplicate Answer Sheets

Mailed upon request. You can also submit modules online for instant results.

Effective January 1st, 2015, scantron grading will no longer be available. If you would like to submit your module for grading, please sign into your account on AMCBs website.

No cost

Module Hand Score Fee  Fee to have a Module scored by hand. A completed answer sheet is required to have your module hand scored.  $50.00 
 Bounced Check Fee Fee for returned or bounced checks  $50.00 

***All fees are subject to change without notice.***


Return and Refund Policy

Payments made for the following products and services are non-refundable:

  • Completed examination
  • Processing fee of $121.00 for examination rescheduled without at least 4 business days notice
  • CMP annual maintenance fees owed
  • Prepayment of CMP cycle fee
  • Re-score verification
  • Duplicate certificate
  • Duplicate module
  • CMP article set
  • Primary source verification of certification

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs or contact:

Rebecca Herzfeld
Certificate Maintenance Program Coordinator
Phone: 410-694-9424 or 866-366-9632, ext. 7021


Allyson Rochlin
Certificate Maintenance Program Coordinator
Phone: 410-694-9424 or 866-366-9632, ext. 7015