Data and Research

External Research Requests

A. Research proposals must relate to the mission of the AMCB: to protect and serve the public by leading the certification standards in midwifery. Topics that may be considered include: research to better understand the factors that affect safety, equitability, and quality of midwifery practice; population-level research focusing on midwifery practice characteristics and outcomes; how the act of leading certification standards in midwifery protects and/or serves the public; and research identifying and validating certification standards in midwifery.

B. AMCB must be acknowledged in all project reports, publications, and other dissemination efforts.

C. Final project reports and/or publications must be provided to AMCB upon project completion.

D. AMCB will not release any e-mail addresses, labels, or distribution lists to investigators. All approved study materials must be distributed by AMCB staff. Distribution fees may be assessed.

E. Study materials will only be distributed to certificants who have granted permission to be contacted for this purpose.

F. Although AMCB strives to review applications and distribute materials in a timely manner, we reserve the right to delay review and/or distribution and to decline proposals for any reason.

G. Student research proposals:

1. Must include a cover letter from the sponsoring faculty who serves as co-investigator. 

2. Will not receive final approval until evidence of acceptance by the appropriate university committee(s).

H. Initial Inquiry Process

1. A letter of inquiry to the Research Committee Chairperson briefly explaining the purpose and timeline of the project, how it relates to the AMCB mission, and the nature of the data requested is submitted to the Manager, Data and Research. 

2. A response to the letter of inquiry will be provided to the applicant after review by the Research Committee Chairperson.

I. Approval Process

1. Upon acceptance of letter of inquiry, the following must be provided to Manager, Data and Research:

a. A project summary of less than 5 pages including:

i. Project name

ii. Name and credentials of all co-investigators 

iii. Introduction, rationale, and significance of project

iv. Relationship of research to the AMCB mission

v. Project objectives/aims

vi. Methodology

vii. Analysis plan

viii. Copy of all materials for distribution (e.g., advertisements, distribution cover letter, instruments/surveys, etc.)

ix. Timeline

x. Dissemination plan

b. Curriculum vitae of the investigator/project director and co-investigators/committee members.

c. Any additional information as requested. This may include evidence of IRB approval if appropriate for the project.

2. Proposal requests are reviewed by the full Research Committee and, if approved by the Committee, are submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.

3. Applicant will receive final notification of the Committee’s decision from the Manager, Data & Research usually within 12 weeks of the submission of all materials.

4. If approved, investigators will contact Manger, Data and Research to arrange for distribution of materials. 

J. Fees

1. Fees may apply. Investigator will be notified of fees assessed during the final approval process.

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