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Research Committee

1. This committee will develop and periodically review guidelines for evaluating research proposals requesting access to AMCB data.

2. The committee will conduct a survey of the “face validity” of the national certification examination, known as the Task Analysis of Midwifery Practice. A new Task Analysis should begin within 5 years of the publication of the prior Task Analysis.

3. The committee will conduct internal research relevant to the mission of the corporation.

4. The Chair of this committee is responsible for:

a. recommending committee members for appointment to the Board of Directors

b. delivering a short written report for each AMCB Board of Directors meeting and the President as requested.


Responsibilities and Procedures:

A. Task Analysis

1. The research committee will conduct a survey of the face validity of the national certification examination.

a. The survey should include a random sampling of candidates as determined by the Research Committee.

b. It should consider any relevant policy, position or clinical practice statement used by ACNM and other relevant professional organizations since the previous task analysis.

c. The survey should contain items which will determine those persons’ perceptions of the relevancy of examination content to those knowledge and skills competencies which are encompassed in the practice of midwifery.

d. The survey may also include questions that address candidate’s perceptions of issues related to exam format and administration, and other issues that are of timely importance to the AMCB.

e. As a guide a new Task Analysis should begin within 5 years after the publication of the prior task analysis.


B. Internal Research

1. Research committee will prepare a list of all on-going research and the frequency with which it is to be conducted

2. Committee will prepare annual report for BOD approval summarizing previous year’s research and projecting efforts, with priorities, for the next year

3. When an AMCB committee submits a proposal for research the proposal shall be reviewed by the Chair of the committee, one uninvolved member of the Research Committee and the Chair of any affected committee. If appropriate, the committee may request an outside expert review. The Chair will then submit the request to the BOD and make recommendations.

Proposals should include the following:

a. Introduction and rationale

b. Objectives

c. Methodology and materials

d. Time schedule

e. Measures to protect the security of the examination or the privacy of the applicants/candidates

f. Budget


C. External Research

Research proposals should relate to the mission of the AMCB: to protect and serve the public by providing the certification standard for individuals educated in the profession of midwifery. It is recommended that the Research Chair be contacted prior to submitting the proposal to discuss the suitability of the project and the timeline of the project.  There are times when AMCB will not be able to support external research due to workload.

1. Approval Process

a. Proposal is submitted to Research Committee Chair and should include:

I. Introduction/rationale/significance

II. Objectives/Aims

III. Methodology and materials, including a copy of all materials for distribution (cover letter, surveys, emails, etc.)

IV. Human subjects protection and measures to protect privacy of applicants/candidates, including proof of IRB approval

V. Time Schedule

VI. Specific data or access requested from AMCB, including a clear rationale for why use of AMCB data is being sought and how the research relates to the mission of the AMCB

VII. Curriculum vitae of the researcher(s)

b. All student research proposals must be accompanied by a cover letter from the sponsoring faculty who will be the co-investigator. Students should contact the Research Committee chair before writing the research proposal, to make sure that AMCB can meet the student’s timeline.

c. Proposal is reviewed by Chair of Research Committee, one uninvolved member of the Research Committee and Chair of any affected committee

d. If appropriate, the committee may request an outside expert review

e. Proposal is submitted to the Executive Committee for final approval

f. Researcher should allow a minimum of 3-4 weeks for completion of the review process

g. Researcher(s) must sign a memo of agreement that names will not be shared with any other persons and the lists of names will be used only as approved by the AMCB BOD.

h. Email distribution lists will not be released. Access to AMCB certificant names will only be available through the AMCB office which will distribute all materials. Where regular mail materials are being distributed, the researcher will be sent the labels for one-time use.

i. The only certificant names that will be released for research purposes are those certificants who have given prior approval.

j. An electronic summary of study results should be forwarded to the Research Committee Chair upon study completion.

2. Fees may apply to any data request.

All committee appointments are made by the AMCB BOD on recommendation of the respective committee chairperson. Committee appointments are for a three-year term beginning January 1 the year of appointment, and are renewable for one second term for a maximum of six years on any one committee.

Qualifications for CNMs/CMs to serve on AMCB's committees include the following:

  • Current certification as a certified nurse-midwife or certified midwife by the AMCB.
  • Other qualifications or expertise specific to the individual committee.

To be considered for a position on an AMCB committee, you must submit a completed Consent-to-Serve Form (document below) along with your curriculum vita or resume. 

Please submit all materials to the AMCB by e-mail by July 1. We will send your application to the appropriate committee chairperson who will communicate directly with you. The committee chairperson recommends committee appointments to the BOD for approval according to the specific needs of the committee.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Lori Havens
Manager, Data & Research