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Board of Directors


The AMCB is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) comprised of 11 volunteer members and 1 ex-officio member:

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I.  Composition of Board of Directors

A. Category 1: three directors who shall be the current officers of the Corporation (President, Treasurer, Secretary)
B. Category 2: four directors who are current Chairpersons of the Examination Committee, the Credentials, Administration and Reporting (CAR) Committee, the Research Committee, and the Certificate Maintenance Program (CMP) Committee
C. Category 3: three directors who are active in other professional or testing organizations, one of whom shall be a nurse
D. Category 4: one director shall be a consumer/public member
E. Category 5: all credentials that are granted will be represented on the Board

II. Qualifications
A. Be a nurse-midwife/midwife actively certified by the AMCB (Categories 1 & 2)
B. Be a member of the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM)(Categories 1& 2)
C. Hold a minimum of a master’s degree
D. Have at least three years of midwifery experience (Categories 1 & 2)
E. Have knowledge appropriate to the role and responsibilities of a Board member
F. Not be simultaneously serving on the ACNM Board of Directors or as a chairperson of any ACNM Division or Committee


BOD appointments are for a three-year term beginning January 1 the year of appointment, and are renewable for one second term for a maximum of six years. To be considered for a position on the AMCB BOD, you must submit a completed application and consent-to-serve form along with your curriculum vita or resume. Please send these materials to AMCB headquarters to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer, Carrie Bright, CAE, IOM.



If you have any questions, please contact:

Carrie D. Bright, CAE, IOM

Chief Executive Officer