Credentials, Administration & Reporting (CAR) Committee

Responsibilities and Procedures

I. Credentials, Administration and Reporting (CAR) Committee Responsibilites

A. The Candidate Handbook contains the operating procedures for:

1. the credentialing of candidates

2. the administration of the examination and preparation of results to candidates 

3. the policies for certificate maintenance

B. The Handbook should be reviewed once a year or as needed with the appropriate staff member and recommendations for changes should be presented to the Board of Directors.

C. This committee is also responsible for handling candidate concerns regarding eligibility, the application process, administration of the exam, or ADA as needed. When a resolution to any of these is not clearly delineated then the concern should be brought to the Executive Committee
for review and recommendations.

1. Requests are received by the staff and discussed with AMP to verify that the request can be met

2. Request and AMP response is then forwarded to Committee Chair for review

3. Decisions are communicated to staff who then acts as liaison of decision to AMP and candidate

D. The Chair of the Committee is responsible for

1. recommending committee members for appointment as needed

2. assuring the Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement are signed by all attendees at every face-to-face meeting

3. delivering a short written report for each AMCB Board of Directors 

II. Credentials, Administration and Reporting (CAR) Committee Procedures

A. Eligibility requirements to sit for the CNM/CM examination will be reviewed every 3 years. Recommendations for revisions to the requirements will be sent to the Board of Directors for approval.

B. The Candidate Handbook must include information on the following items:

  • Accreditation
  • Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Appeals
  • CMP Enrollment
  • Denial of Eligibility
  • Discipline Policy and Procedures
  • Disclaimer Content
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Exam Development and Standard Setting
  • Fees
  • Format and Content of Exam
  • Mission Statement
  • Name and Address Change
  • Notification of Results
  • Outline and Sample Questions
  • Overview of Exam
  • Procedures for Initial Application
  • Procedures for Taking Exam
  • Re-Taking Exam
  • Scheduling
  • Score Verification
  • Scoring
  • Suggested References
  • Verification of Certification

Qualifications and Appointment

All committee appointments are made by the AMCB BOD on recommendation of the respective committee chairperson. Committee appointments are for a three-year term beginning January 1 the year of appointment, and are renewable for one second term for a maximum of six years on any one committee.

Qualifications for CNMs/CMs to serve on AMCB's committees include the following:

  • Minimum education of a master’s degree and/or evidence of academic or experiential knowledge relevant to the committee’s function.
  • At least two-thirds of the members of all committees shall be certified nurse-midwives or certified midwives. (Exception: Finance and Public Relations Committees)
  • Committee membership should reflect the diversity of the profession where appropriate.
  • Other qualifications or expertise specific to the individual committee.

To be considered for a position on an AMCB committee, you must submit:

  • Curriculum Vita or Resume;
  • 2 References;
  • Consent to Serve;
  • Confidentiality Affidavit;
  • and Conflict of Interest
Please submit all materials to the AMCB by e-mail by August 1. We will send your application to the appropriate committee chairperson who will communicate directly with you. The committee chairperson recommends committee appointments to the BOD for approval according to the specific needs of the committee.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Denise Smith
Discipline Director