Glossary of CMP Terms

Certificate Maintenance Program or CMP: AMCB’s program, designed to assist CNMs and CMs to fulfill their professional responsibility to maintain competence.

Annual Maintenance Fee or AMF: Yearly fee for the Certificate Maintenance Program.

Article Set: Packet containing the required reading to complete the CMP Modules.

Module: Booklet of test questions, also referencing the test in general.
Cycle: A length of time (5 years) in which certificants are required to meet the CMP requirements.

Recertification: Process of renewing certification and starting new cycle.

Renewal: Process of paying your Annual Maintenance Fee.

Verification Letter: Primary source letter for credentialing purposes.

Instant Verification: Non-primary source, online look-up for credentialing purposes.

Continuing Competency Assessment or CCA: ACNM’s voluntary program that monitored certificant’s continuing education. ACNM discontinued its support of this program in 2010.

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