Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs
  • Q. What is the passing scaled score on the AMCB certification examination and how does that differ from a raw score?
  • Q. Why does the CMP cost so much?
  • Q. When will my new certificate be received?
  • Q. Does AMCB own the trademark for CNM and CM and what is the trademark policy?
  • Q. Where do I access the Recertification Application?
  • Q. If my certificate expires, what are my options?
  • Q. What should I do if I forget to pay my annual fee?
  • Q. Where can I find information about the appeals process?
  • Q. What is the procedure for submitting a name change?
  • Q. Why am I required to submit documentation for a name change?

Retirement FAQs
  • Q. What do I need to do if I want to retire in good standing?

CMP Module FAQs
  • Q. Why do the article packets cost so much?
  • Q. When are modules graded?
  • Q. How do I access the articles referenced in the modules?
  • Q. How often are new modules developed?
  • Q. What is the purpose of the modules?
  • Q. How difficult are the modules?
  • Q. How soon will I receive Pass/Fail results for my module?
  • Q. How do I obtain the CMP Module question booklet?
  • Q. How are the topics chosen for the modules?
  • Q. Why has an Attestation Question been added to the Modules?

Continuing Education FAQs
  • Q. How long do I have to keep proof of my continuing education?
  • Q. Where can I find Continuing Education?
  • Q. Can I receive credit for clinical precepting?
  • Q. How do I update my continuing education?
  • Q. Can I submit contact hours accredited by NCC, ANCC, or my local state board of nursing?
  • Q. Can I submit contact hours for BLS, NRP, EFM, or CPR programs?

If you have any questions, please contact:

Emily Phillips
Certificate Maintenance Program Coordinator
Phone: 410-694-9424 ext. 7015