Certificate Maintenance Program (CMP) Committee

Responsibilities and Procedures

I. Certificate Maintenance Program (CMP) Committee Responsibilities 

A. This committee will work with the appropriate staff to develop and maintain a recertification program that assesses and enhances the continuing competencies of the certificants. Conditions of the CMP Program are outlined in the CMP Brochure and on the AMCB website. Any changes to the CMP Program will be reflected in the CMP section of the website. The committee will also produce one new module for the program each year.

B. The Chair of this committee is responsible for:

1. recommending committee members for appointment as needed

2. working closely with the responsible staff to administer the program.

3. assuring the Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement are signed by all attendees at every face-to-face meeting

4. coordinating and implementing annual audits of 

a. the accuracy of the data maintained by the staff

b. the validity of continuing education presented by certificants.

5. Chair must also deliver a short written report at each AMCB Board of Directors meeting and as requested by the President. 

II. CMP External Review Sub-Committee Responsibilities 

A. Work externally with the chair of the CMP Committee to ensure the quality of the modules.

B. Individuals on the sub-committee will be sent select articles/questions to review and give feedback for the CMP Committee on the quality and relevance of the questions and articles.

III. Audit of Data

A. A member of the committee or designee will conduct an audit each year of the validity of the data in the database for the certificants completing their five (5) year cycle that year. The following items should be audited during this process: 

1. The number of people certified in the given year versus the number in the database.

2. A 10% random sample of all those identified as having completed all CMP requirements will be checked for a zero balance, three completed modules, and 20 contact hours.

3. If an incomplete file is found it should be documented and reported to the Manager Data and Research to be corrected.

IV. Audit of CEUs

A. Audit of CEUs – The CMP staff will conduct a random audit of 10% of all participants completing the CMP Program that year (randomly selective by the database system). The participants will be notified immediately upon completion of their requirement if they have been selected for the audit and they will have until December 31 of the same year to submit verification of their required 20 hours of continuing education activities. The submitted documents will be uploaded to their file in the database system by the CMP Coordinator. The files are reviewed by the CMP Coordinator verification of compliance with the recertification requirements. Any questionable CEUs will be reviewed by the CMP Committee for a final decision.

V. Modules

A. New modules will be developed in each content area every three years. The content areas will approximately reflect the emphases determined by the Task Analysis that guides the National Certification Exam.

1. Each module will contain content specific objectives, a reference list, a post test and an evaluation form. The references will be recent peer-reviewed sources. Each post-test will be comprised of 50-100 questions.

2. Topics will be selected based upon nationally recognized population-based health needs of women and infants, solicited input from CNMs/CMs, and recommendation of a panel of experts.

3. Modules will be retired after 34 months.

4. After the module is completed, AMCB will apply for ACNM CEUs for each module.

Qualifications and Appointment
All committee appointments are made by the AMCB BOD on recommendation of the respective committee chairperson. Committee appointments are for a three-year term beginning January 1 the year of appointment, and are renewable for one second term for a maximum of six years on any one committee.

Qualifications for CNMs/CMs to serve on AMCB's committees include the following:
  • Minimum education of a master’s degree and/or evidence of academic or experiential knowledge relevant to the committee’s function.
  • At least two-thirds of the members of all committees shall be certified nurse-midwives or certified midwives. (Exception: Finance and Public Relations Committees)
  • Committee membership should reflect the diversity of the profession where appropriate.
  • No more than 1/3 of a sub-committee shall be members of the parent committee.
  • Other qualifications or expertise specific to the individual committee.

To be considered for a position on an AMCB committee, you must submit:

  • Curriculum Vita or Resume;
  • 2 References;
  • Consent to Serve;
  • Confidentiality Affidavit;
  • and Conflict of Interest
Please submit all materials to the AMCB by e-mail by September 25th. We will send your application to the appropriate committee chairperson who will communicate directly with you. The committee chairperson recommends committee appointments to the BOD for approval according to the specific needs of the committee.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Emily Phillips
Certificate Maintenance Program Coordinator