About the Task Analysis

The Task Analysis Survey, created by The American Midwifery Certification Board, describes tasks performed by CNMs and CMs who have been certified within the last five years and practice in the United States. Some CNMs and CMs perform a limited number of these tasks; others perform additional tasks to those described. Our intent with this survey is to attempt to identify what tasks we actually perform and use this information to help us make our certifying examinations reflective of these tasks.

The content of the AMCB examination and the percentages for each area are based on the Task Analysis.  Below are the current percentages effective 1/1/2018.

  Previous Percentages
(Effective 1/1/2017) 
Current Percentages
(Effective 1/1/2018)
Antepartum 22%
Intrapartum 21% 21.6%
Postpartum 17% 16.8%
Newborn 11% 12%
Well Woman/GYN 17% 16%
Women's Health/Primary Care 12% 12.8%

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