The American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) is the national certifying body which administers the National Certification Examination in Midwifery and Nurse-Midwifery and awards the Certified Midwife (CM®) and Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM®) credentials. The AMCB is the owner of the CM® and CNM® trademarks and therefore controls their use.

In accordance with Article III.E of the American Midwifery Certification Board bylaws, we must maintain professional discipline of all CNMs/CMs in order to fulfill the corporation’s mission and vision. A process for handling professional discipline has been created and is outlined fully in our Discipline Policy which can be found in the Discipline Policy & Procedures document.

A midwife can be disciplined for many reasons including, but not limited to fraud and deceit in application or reapplication to obtain certification, irregularity regarding an exam prior, during or after completion, misrepresentation of certification status, habitual use of alcohol or substance abuse, gross negligence, sanction by any state or private licensing board, agency, association or health care organization relating to public health and safety or midwifery practice, conviction of a crime directly relating to midwifery practice and/or public health and safety, and engaging in conduct which is inconsistent with professional standards.

If a CM or CNM is practicing in a manner inconsistent with the ACNM Standards for Practice of Midwifery, ACNM Core Competencies, or the ACNM Code of Ethics a disciplinary proceeding may occur.

At the conclusion of a disciplinary proceeding, possible sanctions may occur such as reprimand, censure, suspension or revocation of certification. If revocation occurs, the midwife involved will no longer have permission to use the CM or CNM credential and will no longer be eligible to be licensed as such to practice midwifery.

If you feel that a violation has occurred and would like to file an official complaint against a midwife, please complete the AMCB Disciplinary Complaint Form and submit it to Denise Smith, Discipline Director, at dsmith@amcbmidwife.org. Please be aware that if a Discipline Review Case is opened against a CNM or CM, the official complaint will be shared with them in its entirety. Please be advised that it is AMCB’s practice to act on a complaint upon the conclusion of the state licensing board discipline case except in exceptional cases.

Disciplinary Fees

Discipline Appeals Fee: Fee to appeal against a disciplinary action

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If you have any questions, please contact:

Denise Smith
Discipline Director