Certification Fee Schedule

Certification Fees
  • Examination Fee
    Fee for the National Certification Examination.

  • Re-Examination Fee
    Fee to retake the National Certification Examination.

  • Reschedule Fee
    If you need to reschedule your board examination more than once and/or in less than two business days.

  • Verification Letter
    Primary source letter for credentialing purposes. 

    When a primary source verification letter is purchased through our organization, it is processed directly by an employee of AMCB and marked with our organizational seal to validate that the information provided regarding their credential is true and accurate.  The letter gives detailed information such as initial date of certification, certification expiration date, an attestation of completion of an accredited midwifery program and where the individual completed their studies. The letter is sent directly from AMCB via hard copy letter, email, or fax. Please note: If you place an order for a verification letter and do not receive your order after 24-48 business hours, notify our office immediately. If a verification letter needs to be resent, notification of non-receipt must be received within 30 days of the order’s original processing/mailing date. To order a verification letter, sign in and click "Purchase Verification Letters".

  • Bounced Check/Chargeback Fee
    Fee for returned or bounced checks and credit card chargebacks. 
    Any administrative fees assessed by the bank will also be added to accounts for chargebacks. 

  • Score Verification Fee
    Fee to have rescore performed on examination.

***All fees are subject to change without notice.***

Return and Refund Policy

Payments made for the following products and services are non-refundable:

  • Completed examination
  • Processing fee of $121.00 for examination rescheduled without at least 2 business days notice
  • CMP annual maintenance fees owed
  • Re-score verification
  • Duplicate certificate
  • Duplicate module
  • CMP article set
  • Primary source verification of certification

If you have any questions about AMCB Certification, please contact:

Morgan Saul
Certification Coordinator
Phone: 410-694-9424 ext. 7017